About Us

“Strong data leadership understands, supports and drives the Organization with powerful data insights to make informed decisions and maximize productivity”.

We are a Cloud Data Management Solutions Organization!

Helping businesses achieve their strategic priorities aligned with their business outcomes.

NextPhase.ai works within your existing ecosystem to harness data from anywhere: on-premises to the cloud, transactional to analytical.

Our Mission

To enable global enterprises to utilize a process driven data management service that helps deliver actionable insights aligned with their business outcomes.

Why Nextphase.ai?

At NextPhase.ai we work to transform your data into actionable insights because we understand that data can make what is impossible today possible tomorrow. The complexity and regulatory risks of data management require companies to spend enormous time in data gathering and analysis rather than harvesting business insights – which in turn rewards speed-to-market, enhanced competitive advantages, and improved customer satisfaction. At NextPhase.ai we understand this need and enable businesses access to the correct data to improve business decisions every time.

We were excited to meet a few team members during covid times!

Who Are We?

We are the Data Champions for Our Customers!

Welcome to NextPhase.ai

NextPhase.ai is your trusted partner for all your cloud data management solutions. We are dedicated to providing you the top tier of data quality, cloud data integration, data architecture and master data management within a single data platform. All of this with a clear-eyed focus on risk mitigation, data security, data archiving and governance.

Founded in 2012

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Mateo, CA, NextPhase.ai has grown from a local Silicon Valley technology group to more than 300 resources across the globe today. Servicing cloud data management clients throughout the world.

400+ Cloud Certifications

Our skilled expertise comes with 400+ cloud certifications and accreditations to support our customer’s business challenges and growth. NextPhase.ai provides customized solutions and helps achieve growth goals through better data management and monetization of data assets.

Our focus is to Transform Data

Our focus is to transform your data siloes into a single and accessible data platform. With data pipelines, we leverage automation across any model on-premises and Hybrid Cloud, for secure, instant access across the business.

Our Core Values

  • Doing the right thing for our customers every time.
  • Fostering and harnessing the power of our collective wisdom and inclusive culture.
  •  All our actions  inside  and outside of the organization are designed to nourish the roots of our customers, employees, culture, and society.
  • Creating an environment that provides an open and equal opportunity; instills trust that allows everyone to feel positive about themselves, their workplace.

Our Leadership Team

Our Team

NextPhase.ai is a truly diverse Organization where talent is combined with experience to drive our business forward. Since our inception, the team has continued to grow and we strive to continue improving our services while expanding our global footprint. Our continued success depends on every employee. Our team has helped translate the Organization’s goals into substantial accomplishments over the years with their passion and relentless pursuit of excellence. Our diverse team enables us to add value and provide end-to-end business solutions and global reach for both our existing and potential clients.

Our resources and their commitment towards our core values and ethos are the reason our clients recommend  NextPhase.ai!


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