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Our founding partners have a combined 60+ years delivering IT and business services. This experience is channeled into our processes, environment, and culture — helping clients and consultants achieve their business and career goals.

Bill Draper President NextPhase advanced analytics consultant near me in the Bay Area

Bill Draper

Bill is an accomplished, skillful business leader with over 27 years of experience working with or within Fortune 500 companies. His expertise and boundless knowledge have helped solve some of the most difficult business and technology challenges of the day. Bill has led strategic client projects across global enterprises including; cloud solutions, data analytics, and enterprise insights. He has extensive knowledge in Executive Management, Sales, Services, Product and Account Management and Technical/Business Consulting roles. Prior to NextPhase, Bill held executive roles at PeopleSoft/Oracle, Evolve Software, Softscape, and Parature. Bill was instrumental in launching global consulting services for Oracle/PeopleSoft in Asia Pacific where he built and managed delivery for their off-shore development teams.  His widespread experience and hands-on interactions with C-level executives as well as senior business and operation level staff helped drive sales within these organizations to record numbers. Bill’s comprehensive background and tenure has made him a SME within these industry verticals; Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Retail, Consumer Products, Technology, and Professional Services

Bill holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley. 

Ajit NextPhase

Ajit Bharwani

Ajit currently serves as CEO. Ajit has an intriguing background having grown up in Okinawa, Japan, where he spent many weekends and summers during middle and high school working in his father’s light manufacturing and retail business. That’s where he developed his passionate entrepreneurial spirit and developed the intrinsic value of “customer service”. After graduating from Washington College in Maryland, he headed westward to Silicon Valley to begin what would be an enthralling career. Ajit spent the next 12 years at Spire Systems and quickly took on managing a third of their global talent acquisition business. His continued aspirations drove him to a role at TRUGlobal as their Global VP building and driving the offshore delivery teams.


Doug Jett

Over 22 years of sales management and executive leadership experience in Silicon Valley have provided Doug a strong understanding of emerging business trends and processes as an Advisory Board member for Doug’s demonstrated track record and tenure of strategic and tactical planning having successfully managed global software & service delivery teams delivering business and technology transformations leveraging Oracle, SAP and the multiplicity of applications orbiting those ERP pillars, including their Cloud based applications and Infrastructure offerings. The majority of his background has been spent operating out of Silicon Valley’s demanding, fast-paced and multi-tasking environment operating in organizations ranging from $25M to $500M. Doug’s considerable experience includes being a senior executive at numerous technology start-ups that have gone public and or having been sold to large global public companies. Prior to his Advisory role at NextPhase, Mr. Jett held executive leadership positions at Apolis, SRS2 Inc., Proxicom, Luna Information Systems and Eastman Kodak Company”

Advanced analytics cloud data warehouse consultant near me Bay Area

Vikas Sripathi

Vikas has been a professional thought-leader in the ever-expanding Analytics field for over 10 years, providing ground-breaking solutions for Fortune 500 companies such as Procter and Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Unilever, TE Connectivity, Rite Aid and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His innovational work has spearheaded a broad range of strategy and analytics engagements providing the roadmap for strategic initiatives like Analytics transformation engagements, Marketing Personalization Strategies, Data Migrations, BI Implementations, Sales Performance Analytics, Advanced Analytics engagements and Insights. Through these career defining engagements Vikas has always worked directly alongside Vice Presidents of Marketing, Sales, Chief Digital Strategy/Officers’ and deeply within Supply Chain executive management teams. Vikas’s complex vertical expertise interlock with his broad hands-on Analytics background to provide him a unique competence especially within these industries; FMCG & CPG, BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail and Pharmaceutical industries. Vikas holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from Northeastern University, Boston. He also holds a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.


Shahana Rahman

Shahana is one of NextPhase’s lead Data Scientists working on the Acquihire team. She has an expansive deep tenured background working in IT, Analytics and Consulting. Her work at Acquihire assisted the team in developing and evaluating the right text mining models to extract and classify target profiles. Throughout her career, she has worked on a broad range of projects including Chatbot applications using NLTK and Keras to minimize the volume of phone calls and analyze customer feedback. She worked as a Research Analyst at Rutgers Child Health Institute, developing a ML tool to help automate the analysis of the research data that perform ANOVA, MANOVA, t-tests, and Regression Analysis. Her research projects included Histopathological Image Analysis using convolutional neural networks, breast cancer prediction with AWS’s Sagemaker Linear- Learner algorithm, credit card fraud detection using ANN and GBDT classifier. Shahana has a Masters Degree in Information Technology and Analytics from Rutgers State University, New Jersey.

Data Scientist

Anusha Madapati

Anusha is one of our senior Data Scientists at NextPhase. She oversaw the development and was instrumental in building the NLP engine that is powering our resume recommendation engine to match the perfect candidate with the right role. Prior to NextPhase, Anusha was a Product Operations Analyst at Amazon, providing recommendations on ways to improve customer support productivity and Customer Satisfaction scores. Her specific focus involved improving the efficiency of calls placed by Amazon customers and optimize the process of escalations from the customers, based on perceived product dissatisfaction. Anusha is an analytics professional with expansive experience in handling large volumes of data and proficiency to perform in a fast-paced Agile environment with the knowledge of working with toolsets like Python, R, Tableau, and AWS SageMaker. Her projects included working on driver drowsiness detection using the widely recognized HM-LSTM neural network to avoid accidents; Market Basket analysis implementing Apriori algorithm for extracting frequent item sets to discover customer purchasing patterns among other ML based models. Anusha is a Masters graduate from Rutgers University in Information Technology and Analytics.


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