Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.This technology has been around for better half of the 21st century and has developed rather quickly over the last decade.Machine learning is an integral part of artificial technology. Artificial intelligence is the application of machine learning. Machine learning, simply put, is a machine that learns through processing and analysing, just like a human brain. As humans learn things by practice so does artificial intelligence via machine learning. Further simplified, machines connect the dots between similar data and perform tasks without being explicitly programmed to do so. AI is the next big thing! The reason behind this is the rapid technological advancements. Every minute tremendous amount of data is being created, and with faster processing units, machines are able to process information at an unimaginable speed – making devices incrementally smarter. Automation is an appealing proposition today and is the very reason for the market to invest in AI, by creating newer, smarter and more universal applications. The future is empowered because of AI and machine learning. AI and ML are, for example, already in place in the manufacturing industries. The machines which are programmed, take up tasks in manufacturing a product. It is largely implemented in hardware and automobile industries. Many tasks are now being done by machines. The outstanding features for ML are problem-solving capacity and speed, wherein AI is more capable than humans at various repetitive tasks. “Hey Siri, what is the weather like? Siri- Here is the forecast today: sunny, 30 degrees.” Siri’s voice to text output is nothing but artificial intelligence. The voice recognition is transformed into data to give the desired answer in a matter of seconds! All this is possible because of the advancement of technology especially in processing. AI is all around us today. Google search engine, which predicts searches by a user, or the popular phone assistant Siri with I phones/Ipads, or Cortana with Windows, or Uber app predicting the travel patterns etc., are all examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Machines learn constantly by recognizing the patterns of the end users, which makes them indispensable. AI is used in various businesses today. Implementation of AI is used to make businesses ‘smarter’ and more automated. For example, e-commerce websites/apps produce relevant searches as a user types in words. Or in social networking sites/apps like Facebook wherein, when a picture is uploaded, the service automatically identifies the people in the picture giving out relevant names to tag in it. Self-driving cars are also a reality today all due to machine learning. Internet-based tasks of marketing, advertisements, data analytics etc., all are applications of AI and machine learning. AI has made businesses today smarter and faster. So enhance your smartness quotient with Artificial Intelligence!