Banking Case Study

The banking industry is leading the charge to harness the power of data.


Business Drivers

The Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry continues to push for greater data visibility and transparency — aiming to harness the power of data for its customers. Benefits for BFSI companies include vast reductions in transaction times and greater access to services.


Digital Transformation


Storage Duplication


Speed Of Decision Making


Data Efficiency


Single Source Of Truth

Case Studies

Information is the oil of the 21st century , and analytics is the combustion engine

Peter Sondergaard

SVP Gartner Research

Information is the oil of the 21st century , and analytics is the combustion engine

Peter Sondergaard

SVP Gartner Research

Decision Criteria


Our client based their decision of a data analytics solution provider on three criteria: Expertise, Trust, and ROI. At, we are able to meet and exceed these criteria for BFSI clients and other industries.

Technical Expertise

Trusted Advisor

High Quality ROI

What We Did


Fundamentally, we changed the way the client stored, accessed, and managed data. The result was a cloud-based data storage solution that housed all data in a single location while allowing each client business unit to directly access the data required. As a result of it being cloud-based, security, accuracy, and management were all vastly increased.

NextPhase Expertise

NextPhase Advisory

Business Outcomes

Business Outcomes & Value Creation

Immediately, our client saw cost savings and faster access to data across all lines of business. Over time, the client discovered a fundamentally better work experience for its employees, business units, and most notably, its clients. Data and analytics that were previously inaccessible had now become accessible. The result is increased revenue, lowered costs, better customer experience, and improved business operations.


70% Cost Savings


Great Agility

Real-Time Scalability


Use Case Complexity


Self Service Platform


Ongoing ROI

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Our Expertise

  • Industry Specific Use Cases
  • Vision Creation & Strategic Roadmaps
  • Data Warehouse Implementations & Migrations
  • Advanced Analytics & AI
  • Data Harmonization and Visualization
  • Modernize data platforms and analytics architecture
  • Accelerate business adoption and benefits realization


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