Sales Pipeline
Case Study

Creating a sales pipeline dashboard for a networking client allowed them to identify and accurately measure pipeline to budget before, during, and after each quarter.


Sales Pipeline Performance of a $3B Networking Client

Client lacked the ability to estimate the expected sales accurately because of SFDC data limitations, as well as regional misinterpretation. Executive team had no means of the right assessment.


Data Sources

  • Salesforce data, current and historical
  • Revenue data from Planet
  • Bookings data, Supply Chain data from SAP

Data Harmonization

  • Create a master record database for all the customers, utilizing and understanding regional nuances
  • Harmonize all data with the help of regional attributes, as well as provide the necessary filters
  • Visualize a robust pipeline eliminating duplicates, and creating a standard list of KPIs for executive and sales operations teams.

Measurable results

  • Single source of truth for every sales analytics dashboard and consistent KPIs across different geographies
  • Visual tools to identify and accurately measure Pipeline-to-Budget before, during, and after each quarter.

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