Snowflake Data Migration and Analytics
Case Study

Data migration and analytics strategy transforms a company’s reporting process by identifying sales funnel and business intelligence insights.


Data Migration and Analytics Strategy for a $1B Quote to Cash Solution Provider

A software client was in the process of changing its application platforms, and was looking for better ways to manage its data for reporting and analytics. The client identified Snowflake data warehouse solutions as the go-forward platform for data management. Client required a defined Strategy for Corporate Data Management and Analytics…


Data Strategy

  • Articulate vision driving organizational data and analytics strategy
  • Assessment and gap analysis of the current state of information architecture
  • Create data and analytics strategy enabling the future state
  • Enumerate opportunities, clarify dependencies
  • Prioritization and phasing

Data Integration

  • Integrate data from enterprise data sources to execute on vision and plan

Measurable results

  • Align business needs and value drivers of data
  • Resolve process pain points and inefficiencies
  • Reduce TCO by rationalizing data and system assets
  • Modernize data platforms and analytics architecture
  • Discover opportunities for monetization of data
  • Accelerate business adoption and benefits realization

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