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The Bay Area Guide to Cloud Integration Vendors

Bay Area companies interested in choosing a cloud integration vendor have no shortage of options. Northern California is home to some of the best data service firms in the world. But what should you expect from working with a Bay Area integration vendor? And what should you look for when making your selection? This guide will help you find the right Bay Area cloud integration vendor for your business.

What is cloud integration?

Cloud integration is the process of connecting multiple cloud-based systems, applications, and processes into one cloud-based platform. The goal of cloud integration is seamless connectivity and increased operational efficiency. Per Wikipedia

Cloud-based integration is a form of systems integration business delivered as a cloud computing service that addresses data, process, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and application integration.

What does a cloud integration vendor do?

Cloud integration vendors are Analytics and Cloud SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) who assist businesses in merging cloud-based data, localized files, on-premise applications, and existing IT estate into a single cloud-based platform. Cloud integration vendors work with business leaders, analytics directors, and /IT directors to identify cost-effective ways for the enterprise to increase data storage, improve advanced analytics, and gain real-time business intelligence through cloud-hosted services. In short, cloud integration vendors help your company’s data work harder with integrated work flows that operate with greater efficiency.

What’s the process of working with a cloud integration vendor?

While every cloud integration vendor will have a unique process, here are the fundamental steps you can expect:

  1. Defining needs, objectives, and requirements
    Clear communication and documentation are needed to identify the business needs, integration objective, and industry or regulatory requirements. Setting integration and business requirements is a collaborative process between your organization and the cloud integration vendor. If something isn’t clear at any point, be sure the vendor elaborates and have them thoroughly document the terms.
  1. Evaluation of existing systems, applications, and processes
    Many companies have a mix of cloud-based data and data stored on legacy systems. Before integration can begin, the cloud integration vendor will need to provide a detailed assessment of the various hardware, software, systems, and procedures in place. An experienced cloud integration vendor will work with your IT team to overcome any hardware or software issues that arise.
  1.  Identifying features and functionality
    The last part of the planning phase is to identify and document the features and functionality needed from the new cloud-based platform. Every company has unique needs and requirements for their information, so no two cloud systems will be the same. 
  1. Implementation
    Once the roadmap for cloud integration is defined, the vendor will begin the data mapping and data synchronization from the disparate sources into the new cloud-based platform. And because modern cloud platforms operate in real-time, precise orchestration from your cloud integration vendor is required to ensure that all data is efficiently and accurately incorporated.
  1. QA & Launch
    Before the system goes live, a comprehensive quality control process will identify and correct any issues with the data integration, system features and functionality, and platform requirements. Once live, the cloud integration vendor will ensure the system runs smoothly and address any outstanding tasks.
  1. Support & Optimization
    By working with a professional cloud integration vendor, you’ll have access to ongoing support, performance optimization, and adjustments to features and functionality as needed.

How much does a cloud integration vendor cost?

The cost of a cloud integration vendor can range significantly depending on many factors, including the vendor capabilities and technical expertise. Expect to pay from $200-400 per hour for a seasoned cloud integration professional. However, the primary factor for the end cost of cloud integration is the specific project requirements and challenges faced with integrating legacy systems and processes into a unified cloud-based platform. 

Do cloud integration vendors cost more in the Bay Area?

Cloud integration vendors located in the Bay Area may charge a higher hourly rate than vendors elsewhere. But if your business data is in Northern California, the benefit of having on-site integration support will far outweigh the marginally higher costs.

Who are the best cloud integration vendors? is a top Bay Area cloud integration vendor for world-class companies and organizations in a wide range of industries. Our approach to cloud integration respects your company’s investment in legacy technology while delivering best-in-class solutions and services. We strive to help you minimize risk, maximize ROI, and ultimately harness your data’s true potential. 

Do I need a cloud integration vendor near me?

Working with a cloud integration vendor near you will be beneficial throughout the cloud migration and integration process. Having an on-site IT integration specialist is vital for evaluating on-premise technology and localized data and expedites integration tasks, including data mapping and synchronization. If for any reason, your selected vendor is not nearby, we recommend ensuring that they offer a proven virtual workflow solution. At NextPhase, we focus on exceptional communication and deliver a proven workflow for consulting with local, national, and international companies.

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