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Modernize your business analytics with the help of BFSI experts.  Our consultants help clients gain actionable insights and achieve enormous efficiency at scale. clients are 49% more likely to have invested in analytics solutions to improve their performance with respect to their competitors. This investment significantly improves the ability to make data-driven decisions.


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Our data analytics consultants develop solutions that allow insurers to assess the risk profiles of their applicants in much greater detail, which means better-informed underwriting decisions and premium calculations. analytics experts understand the banking industry and by using our industry knowledge and analytics, we are able to help clients in the financial industry build better modeling of their transactions and trading activities. When you are working with, you can be sure that they are delivering the best services for what a BFSI client needs, resulting in higher levels of ROI and customer retention.


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Our BFSI Advantage

Our BFSI consultants deliver transactional data analysis which helps our Banking clients to process and navigate through data sourcing, integration, and complex data calculations, in order to gain insights which solve complex business problems. BFSI consulting offers a full range of risk analytics solutions to enable Financial Institutions to identify and respond to risks, to address regulatory requirements, and to strengthen their analytics and risk management.

Our Data Analytics Insurance customers have been able to take advantage of new sources of data to better target intended customers with specific – and potentially more suitable – products, making it possible to design offers based on what people need in the future, and to combine these with improvements in technology and regulation.


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From implementing cloud data warehouses for enterprise customers, to generating Business Insights for start-ups by harnmonizing data, has a proven process to succeed.

Our client was in the process of changing its application platforms, and was looking for better ways to manage its data for reporting…

We built an AI-based text extraction model which leveraged relevant information from various text documents to cluster and interpret sections…

An FMCG/CPG firm was struggling with siloed KPIs and reports, which were directed to senior leadership from multiple systems of record…

Financial Services Driving Value Through
Data Analytics : Know How!

In this Whitepaper You will explore :
  • Drivers of Data analytics in Financial Services.
  • Big Data Challenges for Financial Services Institutions.
  • Data Management, Data Sharing and Analytics solutions for Customers.
  • And the real business outcomes.

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