“Partnering with the Right Data Management Provider Can Spell Success”

How to choose the right data management provider for your business ?

There is a proliferation of data management companies and services available in the marketplace nowadays. And it only continues to grow. As the need for analytics among enterprises expands, so does the number of technology providers in the industry. Choosing the right data management provider for a business is as important as developing the right data strategy and architecture.

Choosing the right data management provider is about seeing eye to eye. You need to understand the services they offer, andthey also need to understand your business objectives in order to provide a custom-tailored solution specific to your situation.The value of data depends on what you choose to do with it, and different businesses have different intended purposes for their data. Having a trusted partner will enable you totruly maximize the unique opportunities found in your data, aligned with your data strategy.

Typically, enterprise data is stored in silos— whether in terms of separate databases that require a lot of effort in bringing them together, or varying governance that mean they are owned by different internal teams or business units. The right data management provider pays attention to the importance of data integration, be it cloud integration or other sources, andrecommends the right method for you.

For example, one of the most common methodsto integrate data is through data federation. Whereas data integration is simply about combining different types of data, data federation is a specific method where data can be joined virtually without needing to move or store the newly combined data in another location. The right partner will know the proper integration service that is suitable for your business.

The right partner will also co-develop a checklist and roadmap to make sure you identify and implement against all of the components that ties to your data strategy, within a specified timeline. More than having the right data, it is as important to have data that is accessible, cleansed, and stored in the proper places through the right processes.

Lastly, it is important that your data management provider recommends solutions that are both efficient and effective. The value derived from an efficient technology system results in cost savings and mitigation of risks down the line. Working with the right data management provider is about having a partnership where both of you are committed and focused to your data strategy.