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Our Data and Advanced Analytics experts guide and assist you at any point of your analytics project journey.  We provide packaged services offerings providing complete Data Acquisition, Migration, Visualization, and Business Insights helping organizations of any industry or size capture ROI benefits. With a focus on the Cloud, we implement data-driven services that help organizations leverage their most important asset – their own data.

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Cloud data migration is a journey that requires focus and speed, no matter the size of the organization. Companies who have a vision and can act rapidly will win in the technology revolution.

Cloud data warehouses help your business gain business intelligence, scale instantly, and reduce costs. At NextPhase, we help your business implement powerful, cost-effective cloud data warehouse solutions.

Predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI move companies past reactive operations and into proactive plans for the future and identifying new areas of growth.

Modern companies demand access to huge volumes of data to meet their complex data analytics needs. Maximizing data value requires all your data is working together, seamlessly.

As talent acquisition partners in the Bay Area, we help businesses find the right project leads, cloud experts, developers, analysts, and engineers for the job. If you’re a local or global company looking for top tier data talent, contact us to learn more.


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NextPhase works with clients in the Bay Area and around the world. Take a look at our case studies for insights into how we work with clients to maximize the power of data.

From implementing cloud data warehouses for enterprise customers, to generating Business Insights for start-ups by harnmonizing data, NextPhase has a proven process to succeed.

Our client was in the process of changing its application platforms, and was looking for better ways to manage its data for reporting…

We built an AI-based text extraction model which leveraged relevant information from various text documents to cluster and interpret sections…

An FMCG/CPG firm was struggling with siloed KPIs and reports, which were directed to senior leadership from multiple systems of record…


What’s a data center vs data warehouse? A data center is a physical place where servers are set up. A data warehouse is a data structure on a server, whether an on-premise data center or cloud-based…

Modern businesses and cloud migration go hand in hand. Modern cloud data warehouses offer lower costs, better performance, and an array of advanced data applications. Here’s a quick guide…

Snowflake data warehouses can be a significant advantage for business because they allow business analysts, data scientists, and data engineers to work with any data to gain insights…

We implement cloud data warehouses and migrate data warehouses to the cloud for a number of biotech and pharma companies. The key to an effective implementation is ensuring secure and fast data access across devices…

The Cloud Data Warehouse Guide for Clinical Trials


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