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What Is Cloud Computing Consulting?

Cloud computing consulting helps businesses and enterprises harness the power of the most advanced cloud data centers, cloud data warehouses, and cloud data lakes. A cloud computing consultant helps you choose and implement the best cloud products, solutions, platforms, and best practices for your business use cases. If your business wants to migrate to the cloud or adopt a new technology (ex., Snowflake or Dremio), then working with a cloud computing consultant could be a great option. Here’s a quick guide.

What does a cloud consultant do?

A cloud consultant is a service provider with specialized knowledge of cloud systems. A cloud consultant advises clients on particular cloud solutions, designs, and architecture suggestions tailored to the use cases they need fulfilled. Here are some of the broad responsibilities cloud consultants would be expected to fulfill:

  • A cloud consultant understands the requirements of the client.
    Through targeted questions and interviews, the consultant develops an understanding of the client’s daily workflow and complexities of their use cases.
  • A cloud consultant analyzes core business data.
    After developing a deeper understanding of client workflow, the consultant proposes a cloud solution that best meets the client’s needs while remaining efficient and cost-effective.
  • The cloud consultant recommends the cloud solutions.
    Suited to the use case at hand, the consultant will suggest solution options from one provider, multiple providers, or solutions aided by other third-party tools.
  • The cloud consultant creates policy.
    Once the cloud solution is proposed and the implementation plan is finalized, the consultant also helps create policies regarding the specific use of cloud resources, and designs a suitable migration policy for migrating to the cloud.
  • The cloud consultant manages data migration.
    The consultant then helps the client with the actual migration process, wherein the existing systems of the clients are efficiently moved to the cloud.
  • Once the cloud migration process is complete, the cloud consultant can then be retained to perform periodic audits and recommendations to ensure the most meaningful and efficient use of data.

Who are the top cloud computing consultants?

When looking for cloud computing consultants, you’ll find large, medium, and small-scale consultants that cater to different scales of requirements. 

For Fortune 100 global enterprises, cloud consulting services are offered by global companies like Deloitte, Accenture, AWS, Capgemini, IBM, and Cognizant. These cloud consultants have global, established client bases with very large and complex requirements.

For medium-scale and smaller-scale businesses, it can be a better idea to work with a boutique cloud consultancy with a stellar reputation and considerable experience in the field. So, a company like can be a perfect choice. We offer an extensive array of specialized cloud services, covering a wide range of platform choices. provides cloud migration services, advanced analytics services, and cloud computing consulting to business and enterprise.

For small companies on limited budgets, it is possible to find individual consultants providing tailored niche services and advice. With a smaller scale of requirements, these individual consultants can do a great job recommending relevant solutions.

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