Discover how a workshop can align your data strategy.

Discover how a workshop can align your data strategy.

What's a workshop session?

We collaborate with clients to work towards the best solution for their business. One of the core tenets of this approach is to leverage a joint workshop as a high value forum to work together, and build out a forward-looking analytics roadmap. Our workshops are focused on understanding the current state, potential areas of concern, and how we get to future state — typically a series of phases one building on the other.

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A workshop encompasses the following elements:

Key Objectives

What are the expected outcomes, specific problems, or challenges?


What are the metrics and key performance indicators that define success?

Stakeholder Mapping

Who are are all the stakeholders involved in the project?

Value Drivers

What are the key business drivers that grow revenue?

Data Architecture Review

What are the current data platforms and sources?

Skills & Competencies

Which skills are existing, and which may need to be added?

Organization & Culture

What are the elements that are key to organizational culture?

Process & Methods

What are the current corporate processes, and how can efficiencies be created?

Next Steps

What is the data analytics roadmap that drives towards business growth?